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Established Patient Information

We will be closing our doors permanently 15 October 2019. 

July 15, 2019

It is with great regret that due to a series of unpredictable and unfortunate events, I am announcing the closing of my practice effective October 15, 2019. I will be unable to continue your care or renew your prescriptions after that time. This has not been an easy decision for Sue and me, as caring for our patients and providing a Patient Centered Medical Home environment has been a great source of satisfaction and pleasure for both myself and Sue these past five years in Lake Havasu City. 

I realize that our community already has limited resources for primary care providers, and I can't endorse or recommend a specific practice.

The contents of your medical chart are confidential and can be transferred to another physician only with your permission. When you choose to see a new physician or other health care provider, please sign the authorization form we mail to you or one from their office, and return it to my office as soon as possible. If you leave the request with the new provider, our experience has been that it may not be sent to us despite their claims otherwise. 

Once the office closes, our Post Office Box will remain operative to receive requests so we can respond in a timely manner.  The phones and answering service will be discontinued once our doors officially close.

Your records will continue to be on file with me, online access to your patient Portal and athenahealth will cease.

Sue and I (as well as all our staff and Ghost), have valued our relationship with you, my patients, more than I can express in words. We thank you for your years of loyalty and friendship. We extend our best wishes for your future health and happiness.

  Prescription refills may take two business days to process, so don't wait until the last minute to request refills.

  Controlled substances require a face-to-face visit and will not be refilled otherwise. We do not replace lost, stolen or damaged controlled substance prescriptions.

If you need to seek care at urgent care or emergency room, or have a hospital admission, please notify us by calling the office number.  If we know you are on the way for an urgent problem, we can contact the providers there and give them your key health information to better coordinate and enhance your care.  

Patient Portal messages may not be delivered until the next time the office opens.